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on coming home

hi again!

if you don't know where home is, click back one and read "on leaving". the joy/grief pendulum is still in full swing, but i still feel sure i'm exactly where i'm supposed to be. it was cathartic to write about the move. it felt good to get all the feelings out. to share & acknowledge them. i still have moments of overwhelm, feeling the weight of starting over here-- but building is sweet. i think this season will be a good one.  

atlanta has been good to us so far & i wanted to share some of my favorite memories from months 1-3. 

from left to right:
- my gal michaela got married in the mountains on the most perfect (and stunningly foggy) day
- my nephew met my daughter (hi sammy!!!)
- i found chrome yellow trading co while waiting for wifi at our new place
- muchacho's "short & sweet" might be the best coffee drink i've ever had (thanks for the rec, audge!)

from left to right:
- gallery wall-ing in the new place
- ginkgo leaves in the ponce parking lot
- my bestie had a holiday show & I GOT TO GO!!! check her out, seriously 
- it snowed in atlanta and i took 500 pictures

from left to right: 
- my first bacon, egg, & cheese scrambler in forever. mama's boy, i love you
- nye with my bffl. love you callie! 
- we now live near a waho ptl
- lunchin' with the tata's & squeezing ev a lil too hard 

from left to right: 
- spending a saturday with my mama & grandma at citizen supply
- celebrating 2 years of marriage with my favorite human
- a afternoon at the fox with the most thoughtful mother-in-law
- snapshot of a personal health victory (pure barre, y'all!)

i'm doing my best to hold on to these seemingly teeny memories as we continue to discover our new home. it all feels so new and fresh and special. the familiarity of georgia has been wonderfully welcoming & it's felt like second-nature to settle in. 

atlanta, i really like ya. 


meg burrell